St Oswald’s Great North Snowdogs 2016


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Great North Snowdogs 2016

Every now and then an opportunity comes my way that I cannot say no to. The Great North Snowdogs was definitely one of those opportunities. Powder Butterfly has taken me on a very exciting journey this year.

The project that I want to tell you about in this blog post is called the Great North Snowdogs 2016 and as a result of the project the North East will be hosting a wonderful sculpture trail from the 19th of September 2016.


It was wonderful to get my paint brushes out!!!!

I was lucky enough to get a glimpse of this project from the early stages, and knew I had to be involved in some way. The project itself is unique to the North East, however Wild in Art who co-ordinate these sculpture trails have installed them throughout the UK and Internationally. Each sculpture trail has at the heart of it an aim to raise funds and awareness for an allocated charity. The charity that are behind this trail is St Oswald’s hospice. Obviously the sculpture is an essential part of the trail and the sculpture shape that has been created for this trail is of the Snowdog from the much loved illustrator Raymond Briggs and film maker John Coates creation  The Snowman and the Snowdog.


A bit of bling had to be added!

When I submitted my application, I had no idea whether or not a sponsor would select my design to be part of this high profile and exciting event. I was so thrilled when I received the confirmation email that my application had been successful. In this blog post I would like to introduce my sponsor who chose my design, and a little bit about their motivations for being involved in this project.


I love Tyne Tail Jack’s shiny nose

The sponsor of my Great North Snowdog design is called the North Group. The North Group is one of the world’s top mutual maritime liability insurers, insuring around 5,000 ships for third-party damage to other ships, harbours, cargo, people and the environment. It also provides legal, war risks and ancillary cover to shipowners. In addition, through its guaranteed subsidiary Sunderland Marine, North is a leading insurer of fishing vessels, small craft and aquaculture risks. Employing around 450 staff, the group is based in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (270 staff) with regional offices in Greece, Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore and Sunderland Marine offices worldwide.


This design wouldn’t be complete without flying angels

I asked my contact Kim Heaselden to asnwer a few questions about their involvement in this exciting project.

Why did North Group want to be involved in the Great North snowdogs project?

“The Great North Snowdogs campaign is a great initiative for the North East which we are very pleased to support as it raises the profile of our region and the inspirational work at St Oswald’s Hospice.”

Why did you chose my design?

“The design represented our location on the Quayside and the history of the region, including shipbuilding.”

Did you know that this was the design you wanted from the start?

“As soon as we set eyes on your design we knew it was for us!”

What was the selection process like?

“Snowdog sponsors were invited to an artist selection event and we were given an hour to review all of the designs. We were then asked to stand behind the ‘starting line’ and at the sound of the klaxon we had to sprint to the design of our choice and place our company sticker. It was great fun and quite competitive!”

Sounds like great fun and very exciting!! How do you feel about the snowdog now having seen it as a 2D design and finally brought to life as 3D sculpture?

“Having seen the Snowdog in real life it looks amazing and we are sure that Tyne Tail Jack will attract lots of passers-by here on the Newcastle Quayside.”

How do you feel about the forthcoming sculpture trail?

“We think that the trail will create such a buzz around the region and we are pleased to be taking part.”

Are you excited about the auction?

“Yes, we are excited about the auction and I think we will find a permanent home for Tyne Tail Jack no problem.”


Under Tyne Tail Jack’s chin is my favourite sculpture

If you would like to keep up to date with Tyne Tail Jacks adventures then you can follow him on Twitter here or search for @TyneTailJack You can also find out more about the other sponsors that have Snowdogs throughout the sculpture trail here.


Tyne Bridge and flying angels what more could you ask for

This is going to be an absolutely amazing event, and you can find out more details about the event itself on this link here. But you can also follow the official twitter account here. I have heard rumours that there will be an app launched for this event where you will be able to collect points and find out information about each Snowdog sculpture on the trail. Feel free to share all of your pictures of TyneTailJack on our twitter feed here or our facebook page here and tag us in instagram in your pictures here. See you on the trail!!

And here is a picture of Tyne Tail Jack in all his glory on the Newcastle Quayside.



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