Product Review: Clean Shakes “You have to nourish to flourish!”

Powder Butterfly really took off in 2015, and as you can imagine the Christmas period was extremely busy. By the end of the year I was worn out, and about ready to drop. Then I discovered a wonderful new product that helped me feel nourished and pampered and it also tasted delicious. The product is called Clean Shakes, I enjoyed my shakes so much that I just had to know more about the company.

I was excited when one of the founders of Clean Shakes, Rachel Horton, agreed to answer some questions about the product and the concept behind its development.

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  1. How did CleanShakes begin and what inspired you to create CleanShakes?

CleanShakes began in 2014, but it wasn’t called CleanShakes back then! I’m a coeliac and I’d been working on launching gluten free foods and heavily researching the free from market. At the same time, Poppy (a Co-founder) was in America travelling about and came back full of enthusiasm for fresh juices and shakes. Alice, our other Co-founder, thought of the name and was really interested in developing something healthy and clean that tasted nice!

The combination of the three of us working together and exploring these thoughts and ideas, led to the creation of CleanShakes. The very first version of CleanShakes, revolved around converting a horse box into a mobile juice bar so you can see how far, the business has changed! We credit our customers (or Shakers as we call them here at CleanShakes HQ) for this as the most influential part of CleanShakes development. We launched and tested very crude versions at the end of 2014/15 and it was through the feedback, the product developed.

  1. What makes Clean Shakes different from the other smoothie drinks that are out there?

Our product is very different from others out there! They are clean – we don’t treat them, artificially extend the shelf life, heat the product or chemically wash our fruit. These processes mentioned are the norm and alter the quality of the fruit, a lot of nutrition is lost and the sugar becomes a rapidly absorbable form, which is not good! We don’t do any of that, which is actually really rare and this means it is free from nasties and ALL of the nutrition stays within the shake. Our shelf life is only 48hours, so you know what you’re getting is a fresh, healthy product. Many smoothie products have a shelf life of up to 8months….so you can make an assumption of the level of treatment, to get it to that level.

We also don’t sieve away the fibrous parts of the fruit or veg, which many competitors do which again removes a key benefit of their consumption. Without the fibre, your body just absorbs the sugar so rapidly, that you go on a massive sugar rush, which is not the point of the product. We use all of the fruit and veg! Moreover, our product is mixed with Almond milk, so naturally there is much less sugar in the product than a standard smoothie.

Our key difference is through our flavour and ingredient combinations! If we want our product to act a certain way, be a certain thickness, last the 48hours (if made at home the same product would begin to spoil after 2hours), a particular colour or have a health benefit; we look at the availability of ingredients and seek out the natural properties of particular fruits or vegetables. This is as opposed to reaching for a manmade solution through adding something which had become the usual option in food production.

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  1. What flavours do you currently have on offer?

BerraliciousA delicious and colourful combination bursting with berries. This flavour is rich in fibre and antioxidants which helps support a healthy immune system to fight diseases and supports brain development making you a right clever cloggs!

CleanGreenA tasty combination including spinach, avocado and banana. This shake is more sustaining and gives an instant slow release energy boost; it’s also our lowest sugar content. This one is for those needing to eat healthy on the go – so ready, steady…..CLEAN GREEN!

Goodness – A sweet combination of peach, strawberry and beetroot – this flavour is really high in vitamin A; helping you get sparkly eyes and glowing, clear, healthy skin. You might have 99 problems but this peach ain’t one……

We price each shake at £3, so it’s a premium quality product representative of the amount of fruit and veg in there! We also where possible get our ingredients locally and use recyclable materials.

  1. Are there any preservatives in your Clean Shake products?

Our ingredients are added as they are.

  1. Can you share any plans that you have for Clean Shakes in 2016?

Taking over the world, one shake at a time…..

We want to expand our stockists, cater more events and just grow!

  1. Where can I buy a CleanShake?

Usually in Urban Bakery in Low Fell, Staiths Café Gateshead and Nineteen Clayton Road! But we aren’t in there every day! If you follow us on facebook, we always let our Shakers know when a new batch has dropped!

You can buy from us directly if buying a minimum of three shakes – we do office deliveries, cater events and conferences! You can catch us at .

A website is currently in development; we are working with the brilliant Laura Swaddle who runs Swaddle Creative to create it. Once that is up, you’ll be able to buy through the site!

  1. Being a busy mum who runs my own business the convenience of CleanShakes is fab!! How can CleanShakes help me with my busy lifestyle?

CleanShakes are not just for individuals who follow a clean and super healthy lifestyle – they are most definitely for people on the go too! If like me, you struggle to make time for breakfast, work silly hours, rarely get breaks, CleanShakes is the perfect choice! It’s a sustaining snack which is full of all the nutrition you need to keep you going. You can literally taste the benefits.

When you’re busy, the most important thing is to remember to look after yourself and CleanShakes can help with that! If you look after your body, it will look after you!

  1. What are your top tips for having a healthy 2016, and being consistently healthy?

Listen to your body and look after yourself! Your body is the most important asset and resource you have, so you need to nourish to flourish!

Take time to sit and eat properly!

Being healthy shouldn’t be a chore; it is a process of making yourself feel fantastic. It doesn’t always mean massive changes – it can be something really basic! I’m trying to drink a lot more water and to make it a habit. I am already feeling the benefits!


Well those are some great tips, and it looks like there are some very exciting developments on the horizon for the Clean Shakes team. I am so excited that they are based up in the North East of the UK and that Clean Shakes is run by such a passionate team who clearly love what they do and have such a great understanding of the demands that we all face in our busy lives. Get yourself along to one of their stockists, and don’t forget “you need to nourish to flourish!”


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