Product: Crockery range

So I have been away for a while. But I can assure you I haven’t been idle. I have been designing new products which is no easy task. As some of you may know I come from an arts background. Which means that each product I design I apply the same arts commissioning skills I have to its development. Which makes for an interesting process of elimination and discovery, through understanding the manufacturing process to sourcing reliable and high quality suppliers.

So down to business I would like to introduce my North East inspired range, there is a crockery collection, a tea towel and jute bag which I hope to have on sale at a new cafe that will be opening in Gateshead very shortly. Watch this space for further details on that. In the meantime here is a visual treat for you to digest. Please feel free to get in touch should you have any questions. Details of the coaster and gift card collection are to follow.

Fine Bone China - Hand Decorated in the UK

Fine Bone China – Hand Decorated in the UK


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