Commission: The Midas Touch


I love it when a project comes your way that presents you with a number of challenges to overcome. At the time it seems that you will never resolve them, but in hindsight you have gained invaluable insight into new processes and how you can continue to innovate and improve your product offering. Design Network North commissioned me to produce some corporate gifts for some of their key associates from their Design Means Business conference. Key people from Proctor & Gamble & Virgin Atlantic were to receive the gifts which meant I wanted to be able to produce something that would stand alone as a unique talking point for the recipients.

DNN had recently moved to the stunning Northern design Center, and it is where they hosted the DMB conference. I wanted the gifts to mark this move, and showcase an element of the building itself. On the exterior of the building you will notice there are sections of gold cladding. This amazing material is called Tecu Gold. The thought struck me that we could use this material to fabricate jewellery.


There were a number of issues that I faced with this ambitious idea. Firstly gaining permission from Red Box Design to use their original design plans. This was easier than I thought, and in fact turned out to be the most straight forward part of the commission. The next element of the work that needed to be resolved was tracking down the Tecu Gold material. A search began with the contractors, the roofer that fitted the material and then on to that manufacturer. Once I had found the manufacturer it was important to establish the limits of the material and what I could do with it. My laser etcher flagged up a material that can be painted onto the surface of any metal and you can therefore bond the image to the metal with a laser. This seemed like the perfect solution. Once I had confirmed everything with my silver smith we were ready to go.

So the images attached are the result of a long and fruitful search. In the end a pendant and cuff links were produced. And the results exceeded my expectations.

I am continuing to develop this process and of course I will share these development with you here.










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