Commission: Star


I have been carrying out so many amazing projects recently. And as ever it has been a challenge to keep you up to date with everything. I just have to share this one with you as it has been a joy to be part of. The project itself was to produce a bespoke piece of jewellery for a private client. The brief was to incorporate a favourite family photograph with the expression “I love you to the sky and back”. The family photograph was a traditional shot of two daughters either side of their Mum. The girls were wearing tartan dresses. The expression was something that their Mum used to say to them, in fact it is something I say to my kids too. Along with the piece of jewellery a bespoke luxury box was required with the inscription incorporated into it.

Above is an image of the finished piece in its beautiful box. Below are some more shots of the necklace which is made from acrylic and wood veneer and has a simple sterling silver chain.

What I have really enjoyed about this commission is its personal nature. The gift was given to commemorate the first year anniversary of the recipients mother passing. And I felt such a great responsibility to get this right. To make an item that encapsulated the brief, but was not so personal that it was hard to wear. Something that was contemporary, with a high end finish, while also being a practical and wearable item. For those astute Portuguese speaking individuals out there you will have noticed that we replaced the work sky with star as Estrela has such a lovely sound and visual look.

If you look very closely and carefully you will see that the words Amor & Estrela have been etched into the top surface of the acrylic.


Estrela Necklace




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