News: Enchanted Parks 2012

It’s that time of year again already. Enchanted Parks is back. I went last night with some lovely friends and my nearest and dearest. Words are not required to describe the spectacle that you can behold in Saltwell Park over the next week. You can book tickets here. And you can get a summary of the artists work here. The lovely Arcus boys and Molly Barret had installations. Which need to be seen in the flesh to totally appreciate. My only advice is wrap up warm and make sure the kids are too so that you don’t have to rush home before you take it all in.

Below are some images I managed to capture while rushing around the snowy surroundings. If this event doesn’t get you feeling all Christmassey I don’t know what will. And for the bargain of £6 per adult while kids go free it is an affordable treat before all of your festive plans kick in. Enjoy!!

Enchanted parks - Choir Through the Looking Glass 2012-12-06 09.05.46

Enchanted parks - Immortal Shadows 2012-12-06 09.09.27

Enchanted parks - The Dean 2012-12-06 09.04.06

Enchanted parks - Wellin Up - Clare Morgan 2012-12-06 09.07.35

Enchanted parks 2012-12-06 09.10.35

Enchanted parks 2012-12-06 09.12.09

Enchanted parks 2012-12-06 09.13.19

Enchanted parks 2012-12-06 09.18.35

Enchanted parks 2012-12-06 09.28.28

Enchanted parks 2012-12-06 09.31.46

Enchanted parks Glass House 2012-12-06 09.14.22


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