Product: Natures Beauty in Silk

This has been a long time coming, and I have put loads of research and effort into finding the perfect solution. But I am pleased to finally introduce my first silk scarf range.

Using my microscopy artwork I have produced a small collection of scarves in two types of 100% silk. One silk is a Crepe de Chine and the second is a Crepe back Satin. It is a challenge to reflect the difference through photography, but when you up close and personal with these beauties you can feel the difference. The satin has a silky shine and the Crepe de Chine has a wonderful raw, smooth, muted texture.

I really enjoyed taking these images it was wonderful to set each scarf up and find a way of showing the detail in the print and the luxurious fabric texture.


2 thoughts on “Product: Natures Beauty in Silk

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