News: Jobs, jobs, jobs ::::: hurray!!

Life is grand at the moment. Creatively work is so exciting, and I thought I had better give everyone an update. It is that age old problem that I have where I want to share all of the exciting developments that are happening but I also have to make the work. So here is the update…..

I have three exciting contracts at the moment the first is a first in that I have been commissioned by The Sponsors Club for Arts and Business to produce an award for their 21st birthday celebrations. The final design has been signed off and all I can say at this stage is that it is the prefect symmetry between laser cut technology and microscopy photography with a really personalised reference to the anniversary. I will be posting images of the award design and finished product very soon.

The second exciting development is the production of digitally printed scarves for Newcastle Universities exclusive corporate gift range. This is a real departure from the jewellery that I produced for them. But it still has a strong connection to the University as the images have been sourced from their archives once again and should create at least three sumptuous designs. Fabric is something that I have always wanted to print on and the technology has developed so much that the results are truly stunning. I will also post images of this work on my Blog as soon as I can.

And finally I have been commissioned to produce a series of corporate gifts for Design Network North. They have recently moved into the amazing Northern Design Center in Gateshead. As you will see from the image above the building is amazing and it has the most tranquil, impressive and awe inspiring facade. I am really excited about this opportunity as the gifts will be going to the Key Note speakers from the Design Means Business conference that they recently hosted. I am going to have to keep the design ideas under wraps for now as we are in the very early stages of the commissioning process. However I can promise that they are going to be spectacular.

Coming up ::::::::::: The next Blog post is going to be about the most amazing event that is going to be happening at the beginning of May. It is for anyone who loves the fusion of fashion and art and should not be missed. Sign up to receive an email update every time I post, have a look at the top right hand corner of my blog for details.


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