News: Calling all Fashonistas and lovers of wearable art!!!!!!!

An exciting opportunity is coming up on the 5th of May at the brilliant Mima (Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art) for devoted fashionistas. It is your chance to have a look at a wonderful jewellery collection and possibly be lucky enough to be selected to wear the item and be featured in a programme made by the BBC.

Members of the public are invited to take part in the #wearmima project by attending a selection day at the gallery in Central Square on Saturday May 5th between 12.00pm until 3.00pm.  The jewellery will be on display and budding wearers will be asked to explain on camera why they would like to wear one of the prestigious pieces and why they should be selected.

A limited number of people will be chosen from the selection day to return to mima on May 19th to wear the jewellery, which is never normally worn, and to film a haul video blog that will be broadcast online around the world.

Rachel French, development manager at mima, said: “#wearmima is a unique opportunity for fashionistas in the region to not only show off their fashion sense but also have the chance to wear some of our beautiful jewellery whilst being showcased to a worldwide audience.

“The #wearmima project has already started to attract attention throughout the North East from members of the public, the retail industry, colleges and universities as well as community groups wanting to be involved.

“We are delighted to be working in partnership with Arts Council England and the BBC to create original content for The Space and to celebrate our extraordinary jewellery collection.”

Haul videos have become a recent fashion phenomenon whereby people post videos online showing off their purchases to a global audience.

Those chosen to film a video blog will say how the jewellery makes them feel, why they chose that piece, what they would wear it with, recent catwalk trends it references, what they think it is made of, why the artist chose to make it and how much they think it is worth.

mima is one of 53 successful UK applicants for Arts Council funding to make content which will be available on demand on The Space.

The Space is a new way to experience the arts.  For six months, running from May to October 2012, The Space will showcase some of the most exciting arts events across the UK, giving audiences access to these events through computers, tablets, smart phones or connected TV.

Featuring live performances, specially created digital events, full length productions, behind the scenes documentaries and interactive content, The Space is all about breaking boundaries and creating a totally new way for the public and artists to engage.

With free on demand content from some of the most respected and innovative names in the UK arts scene, The Space offers a glimpse for the future, where great art can be experienced when you want it, wherever you are.

The selection process will start at 12.00 on the 5th of May and will be held at the Central Square in Middlesbrough.

This is your chance to be seen by a worldwide audience through the new on demand channel The Space. It provides an insight into the arts through online platforms, from computers and tablets to smart TV’s.

For more info about #wearmima visit the Mima site here and follow the links.

Let me know if you go for it and send me some images so that I can feature you on the PB blog. I may even be there on the 19th to see the final shortlisted individual so I will give you an update then.

For now I hope you enjoy the images that have been sent to me earlier today to give all of my lovely followers a sneek peek at the designs that will be there on the day.

Good luck!!

Felike van der Leest – Pirate’s Show Off Necklace

Gijs Bakker – Dew Drop


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