A magical trip to Bruges

Recently I was lucky enough to take short trip to Bruge in Belgium. It was to celebrate my husband’s birthday and the whole trip was a complete surprise for him. We took the ferry over night and had two days and a night in Bruge to explore, relax, eat, and take some lovely pictures. The architecture was sublime and I am sure many people will be familiar with it from the Colin Farrell film “In Bruges” I chose to focus on the food, it was fresh delicious and some of it was visually stunning.

Below are a few of my favourite places that we visited, along with some of the stunning architecture and sculptural Belgian chocolate.

First up a selection of amazing cakes from a bakery in Bruge called Prestige, somewhere that I saw and thought straight away I would love to take my Auntie Fleurette to.

On the one night that we were staying in Bruges we had a wonderful meal at an intimate Greek restaurant called the The Olive Tree. You might think that we would have gone for authentic Belgian cuisine, but the menu and the ambiance of this restaurant captured my attention immediately. I am happy to say that we were not disappointed. The food was beautifully cooked, fresh and delicious. And the service was friendly and attentive. We had a bit of a wait for our mains, but we were given some free aperitifs and some wonderful creamy greek yogurt as a complimentary desert. You can visit there website here and I would highly recommend that you visit this restaurant if you ever find yourself in this part of the world.



Another eatery that we visited on our trip was a wonderful cafe. This place was full of customers which I think is always a great sign. I had the most delicious warm goats cheese, bacon and apple salad. If you are looking for a warm and friendly, reasonably priced lunch I would recommend Dell Arte you can visit their site here.




Although as I am sure you can tell food was high on my list of priorities during this trip. I did find an amazing soap shop in Bruges. It was called Bubbles at Home and you can check out their amazing natural soaps here

I bought some of this wonderful Algae soap. Having a bit of a fascination with Algae it was a fantastic find. Its great quality and it will last a lot longer than off the shelf commercial soaps.

As you can imagine there are endless chocolate shops in Bruge and creatively they are amazing. As you will see from the image below the artistry is employed to promote the chocolate is pretty amazing.

And to finish here are some of my favourite architectural images that we took. I have to say I would like to go back and really explore the architecture photographically. I have some unfinished business in Bruge so I hope that it won’t be long before we get back there.


2 thoughts on “A magical trip to Bruges

  1. Hmm, I definitely don’t think ‘food’ when I think Belgium (other than the frites, of course!) but these pictures suggest otherwise! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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