Shipley Art Gallery and NECA products update

Hot off the production line comes this new range of pieces that I have produced for Shipley Art Gallery and an organisation called NECA (North East Council on Addictions). The project was designed to encourage participants to produce a range of 2D artwork. This artwork would then be used as a basis for the design and production of a range of products, items that could be sold to generate some awareness of the fantastic work that Shipley’s out reach team and NECA do throughout the year. The work that these two organizations carry out is inevitably unseen by the general public. But it is an essential service that is a buffer and safety net for a wide variety of people. NECA’s central aim is “to reduce physical, psychological or social harm resulting from alcohol, drug abuse and gambling……”

This was a very interesting project to be involved in. No matter which organization I work with I am always pleasantly surprised by the level of commitment of participants and their active engagement in the task set for them. The group I worked with on this project were no different. It was essential to adapt to the participants interests to achieve some good quality work. Working with Shipley’s outreach officer Suzanne Prak was also a huge support, without her the project would have not been as successful and the final outcome would have been of a much lower standard. Thanks to all of the staff at NECA and Shipley for making this project such a great success!!

A percentage of every sale will be donated to NECA to assist with the highly valuable work that they carry out. Items will be on sale from March 2012.

Cuff Links, Key rings & embroidered Cap



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