Enchanted Parks – A night to remember

Saltwell Towers – Enchanted Parks

I am sure that Christmas seems like a distant memory, and I really wanted to post this towards the end of last year, but alas time just ran away with me. But I finally seem to have recovered some sense of normality so here I go…..

Every year the best opportunity arises, and it is one that is magical and gets you in a festive frame of mind. It is by far my favourite event as it is a stones throw away from me, it is affordable, magical and excellent fun.

The event in question is Enchanted Parks. EP is carried out in the gorgeous Saltwell Park, it is a ticketed event held at night in the run up to Christmas. The idea is that artworks are installed in the park, and the audience walk through the park at night to the location of each happening. It is a wonderful time for all of the family and I have been lucky enough to get access to some great pictures from previous years installations and some current images too.

If you want to attend in 2012 I suggest you book early as it sells out pretty fast. And if you are a fan of Saltwell Park then it currently needs your support, here is a petition to save the funding that makes this park so special and unique click here for the petition.

Images have been kindly supplied by Lesley Cooperwaite and the lovely James Taylor from the Arcus Studios.


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