Inspiration News Update

Boreal Wallet design above buy here             ©Boreal 2011

I thought that it was about time I produced an update of some of my favourite bits and bobs out there. So here you are there is a variety of amazing stuff floating out there in the ether, from innovative products, creative practitioners, to nursery rhyme apps. The list will be long, diverse and never ending. I hope you find the links interesting and it will be fantastic to hear what you think.


Fashion inspired by Art – DMarieCouture on Etsy


I recently did a search on Etsy and I came across soooo many products inspired by the artist Vincent van Gogh. There was one particular product that stood out for me. It combined my passion for art and fashion and here is an image of the gown in question. The shop that you can buy this gown from can be found here. They have loads of amazing items to choose from, so I am sure you will find something to enjoy as much as I did.


Ustwo Nursery Rhyme App


I love this idea, this is an animated interactive app that gives your children an opportunity to visually navigate nursery rhymes. It makes me want to own an iPad. Oh well after a few more commissions perhaps 😉 Visit Ustwo’s site here

Image above was provided by the site It’s Nice That where you can find out a bit more about this product and the ideas behind it.


Laura Hebron Jewellery Design


Laura is a fabulous jewellery designer. Her Esty site describes her work as “Making forgotten, ignored or discarded objects into unique and creative designer jewellery”. You can find her work on her website here or her Etsy shop here. She has recently started to produce porcelain antlers for your Christmas tree. Please see images below.









Laura Swaddle – Graphic Design


Check out this amazing Graphic Designer, I am proud to say she is a follower of mine on twitter. I absolutely love the simple clarity of her work click here for her website.

© Laura Swaddle 2010


Cole Rise photography


Wonderful work by a photographer called Cole Rise click here to see his images.


Laura Jane Vest Photography


Laura is an amazing commercial photographer specialising in fashion and beauty. She has a very impressive professional client list including Vivienne Westwood Newcastle & The Royal Photographic Society. You can find out more about Laura here.

© Laura Jane Vest 2010


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