NewcastleGateshead Art Fair 2011

Having a great time at the NewcastleGateshead Art Fair. It may be boiling hot outside, but it is pretty cool in the Sage Gateshead. Surrounded by wonderful artwork shown by local and national galleries, meeting fabulous new people and getting some great interest in the new Powder Butterfly Autumn/Winter Collection.

The Shed stand is getting some great interest too Rednile, Living Fossils, & Laura Hebron Jewellery Design are flying the flag high and doing a great job.

Have a look at our facebook event page for more fabulous images of the stands here. And you can find some of my Angels on sale in my Etsy store here.

Leaf Texture Angel

Leaf Angel

Floral Angel

Floral Angel

The Angel

New Silver Plated pendants (Floral & Microscopy Collection)

New York Cuff Links

Silver Plated Square, Oval & Round pendants with snake chains

The Tyne Bridge Pendant & Cuff Links

The Angel in our lovely new Jewellery Boxes


One thought on “NewcastleGateshead Art Fair 2011

  1. Just wanted to echo Powder Butterfly’s comments – having a great experience at NewcastleGateshead Art Fair and nice to be spending time with fellow Shedmates exchanging ideas and putting the world to right! Come and join us before its all over! rednile

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