New Winter 2011 Collection

Powder Butterfly’s winter collection 2011

Here it is, the brand new Powder Butterfly winter collection for 2011. I hope that you enjoy this new collection. This is just a taste. There are many more items that will be available for sale at the National Glass Center event on the 19th & 20th of November. So if you need to find something unique and beautifully hand made with a twist then pop along. Please find further information about this event here. Happy shopping!!

I have decided to re-invent my Microscopy archive. I decided to simplify the presentation of the Microscopy images, while still retaining images with natural tones and some that have nice bright colours too. The images that you will see below are of the final product. I have sourced some fabulous square and oval silver plated pendant frames, I decided that the best chain to compliment the simple design of these settings would be a silver plated snake chain. The settings allow the images to have a great impact while also retaining a classic and timeless quality.

Our angel has had a real makeover. The powder Butterfly studios are based in Gateshead and I love The Angel of the North. I wanted to make something that combined some of my own imagery from my Microscopy archive while also using the the laser cut technique.





Thanks for your comment and support it is very much appreciated. Please feel free to let people know all about the wonders of Powder Butterfly and sign up for our email updates.

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